Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This was NO pool party!

Mommy decided to get little-bit's pool out today!  I honestly thought it was hot enough! I couldn't wait to see the reaction on her face (she LOVES bath time!)  She looks so cute in her bathing suit! :)

I forgot about being little and how cold the water was....  Needless to say, I forgot to let the sun warm the pool up for a few hours before playing.  Little-bit was not a happy girl!
She was out of that water faster than I could catch a cute pic! Sorry little-bit!  Maybe tomorrow it will get warmer!  I guess that is how we learn to be great parents...  sometimes you have to learn by the mistakes you make.  i will take this as a great lesson and start earlier next time!

I can't believe I have a 17 month old (almost) and one little man who has been kicking up a storm for 19 weeks now!  What an awesome little family!!!  :)  Now that the shock of having a boy is wearing off, hubby and I are super excited! We just need to hit up some yard sales this weekend! haha

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