Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Taking time to save

I thought it would be appropriate to start my blog with this awesome deal that I have been receiving at my door step for several days now!

This isn't all of it!!! I still have some making its way here. :)  Believe it or not, this cost me around $21 total.  $15 for the diapers and $6 for the rest.  How did I do it?  Well, here is my little secret.

There are a few parenting magazines that are giving away Amazon coupons in them every month.  They will either be 20% off or $10 off (they have to be used on baby products, sold by amazon, and yes, they can be combined). You will also receive FREE 2 day shipping on these items.  With my diapers, I use Amazon mom (which makes me get 15% off) and I use the subscribe and save for another 15% (which can be cancelled as soon as you receive your order).  This makes your diapers 50% off and then another $10 off as well.  Amazing, right?!?

I went to the doctors office just a few days before the coupons were going to expire and asked to have any remaining ones they had in the magazines they get.  I came up with twenty something of them?? You have to make individual transactions and it take a LONG time to find things right around that price range that you need, but it is well worth it in the end!

Sometimes you have to make time...  taking time out of my vacation made our family money! :)  Now I just need to start showing little-bit those potty seats before baby #2 comes along!

Now let me in on your saving secrets!!!


Toni said...

Too bad I don't need diapers anymore!

Haha, or pretty much anything in that photo! I'll try to remember for . . . next time . . . Next time? Uhhhh . . . Well, I remember to tell others about it anyway!

Valerie said...

I def want to start doing this! I subscribed to Parenting Magazine. I am also going to start checking at the doctor's office! I'm excited! I love saving money! :)