Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Potty is your friend

Tonight for the first time we (meaning little-bit who just turned 16 mo. or 13 gest.) decided to use the new potty seat we got for free from Amazon.  We also received the purple hippo step stool to go with it today!  :)  I was a little curious as to how she was going to react to sitting there....  She LOVED it!  We tried before bath time and after (no tinkles but lots of giggles) and she just sat there wiggling her toes.  I have decided that cheap toilet paper is the way to go in her bath for a while.  She blew her nose twice and unrolled the rest.  It was a great start to our evening bath routine.  I have another one downstairs we are going to start randomly using during the day as well.

Please leave me comments of your success stories from your little ones!!!!  I need some inspiration :)


Toni said...

I wish I had wonderful words of wisdom for you. Sorry. With the Kiddo he just one day started using the potty! I didn't rush him or anything. I let it happen in it's own time and it went WAY Super Smooth!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I haven't even attempted to start potty training yet because Astaire shows absolutely no interest in it. From every bit of research I have done, I have learned that it's best to just wait until they show all the signs of readiness from being able to tell you that they need to go, to being able to pull their pants down themselves, all the way to "really showing interest" which she absolutely does not since she runs from me when I try to change a dirty diaper! haha. I figure we will go at her pace and that will give us the most success!