Friday, April 29, 2011

In Search of the Perfect Little Man design!

So, now that I am 20 weeks preggo, I am super excited to start getting ready for our little man!  I found a bumper that is super cute....  but now I need some ideas for decor to go along with it!  
I'm not one to go with a "theme," I would rather go with accenting items!
Give me your ideas!!! 
This would be the front... I love the pastel green as an accent!  
The pictures really don't do justice how cute it is!

This is the inside.  Note the edges and ties are a navy blue print.

So, here is what I was thinking... Going with the navy blue pattern for a bed skirt and window valance? But, what kind of Framed art with his name (when decide what that will be) and maybe a canvas painting made by an artist I know. ( i would love to hear your ideas on designs!!!)
The bed and diaper changer is white... 


I also found this idea from Chic & Cheap Nursery.  Was wondering how hard it would be to make?

There! I believe that is all
Now go brain storm and bring me some amazing ideas!!!
The one to come up with a super awesome like idea will win 
a "sweet surprise"

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