Friday, April 15, 2011

My freezer doesn't look like your freezer!

Did you know that Chick-fil-A has text message alerts that can be sent to your phone specifically for that location? Well, where we live, we subscribed to about 5 of them within 20 minutes of our house.  Before you ask, No, I don't ever get tired of eating there!  Now that little-bit eats with us we can only hope to save money while eating out!  

Today we woke up with a text from one about 20 minutes away. If you bought a large milkshake you would get a free calendar (which has about $35 worth of coupons in them)!!!! Well, we were sooo excited since the calendars themselves normally run $6 with no specials at the beginning of the year.  After calling the parents and taking their orders (since no one has them... unless they find 300 in a storage closet somewhere.  lol), we ended up getting 20 calendars.  We were hoping they would give us coupons to get the milkshakes later... but they had none.

So this is what we came home with :)

20 cookies n cream milkshakes!

Yes, i know, this is fattening.  So i was wondering.... who would like to come over???  First come-First serve.  :)  We even have the cherries to put on top!  

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