Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let's get crafty!

So, I'm sure everyone knows about our discovery this week! Boy Oh Boy!
I'm really not sure if it has sunk in yet....

I have started looking for exciting ideas to dress my little man.  I cant wait to see what I can come up with!
Here are the few ideas I have so far...

1. Crochet animal hats
2. Matching fake ties sewn on shirts for dad and little man
3. Recycled shirts made into hats
4. Bow ties :)
5.  leg warmers
6. Burp cloth/blankets
7. Booties

Does anyone have any other ideas to try???  Leave me a comment we will see if I can make it work!


Carrie said...

I used to make bibs from old/cheap/recycled t-shirts or sweat shirts, leaving just the collar and the bib shape on the front (cutting off the arms and lower part). They were so easy to slide off and on (no tieing little girls' hairs into the bib), of course you could cut the back and sew on a snap. But you could make "Landon's" with guitar symbols on it, or fabric paint some fun things about boys...

I do like the matching fake ties, though.

Melinda said...


Vests, little baby boys look amazing in little tiny vests. They also double as a bib sometimes which is a total bonus to the looking completely adorable part. I've never sewn one but I can't imagine they would be hard to make from old sweaters or t-shirts.