Thursday, August 4, 2011

When you put it all together...

So it has been a while since you have seen me....  life seems to be swirling faster and faster as the arrival of little man is getting close!  We have less than 6 weeks left now!  The ultrasound tech estimates his weight at 6 pounds and 2 weeks ahead of schedule.  The doctor doesn't seem to think the same. Haha!  We will see who is right in a few short weeks :)

Though they haven't put me on bed rest yet, I am required to have "horizontal time" every day when little-bit takes a nap (which is awesome for me)! Hubby is helping around the house so much and taking quite a bit of stress off of me.  It is so great to have him around :)

So all the plans I had for my blog has pretty much been put on hold for now and not just because the laptop doesn't fit on my lap anymore (even though it sure makes it harder).  We have finished decorating for little man- which turned out AMAZING!!!!  So I wanted to share the finished product with you.

Isn't just handsome!!! I was so proud when it was finished!!  Hubby did such a good job!  He had to put up a guitar night light for little-man. haha :)  Here is a pic of the paper lanterns.

The total cost for these: $1.25

Here is the bedding.  Total cost for this is: $8
($4 for the bedskirt, $1 for the sheet, $2 for the bumper pad, $1 for the mobile, everything else was given to me!)  We had the baskets a while, even though we found those for free as well!  I am so proud that we ended up spending $9.25  

So we are ready for little-man to arrive now!  I will keep you posted!