Monday, May 16, 2011

Wonderful weekend

Little-bit wasn't feeling very good this week (round 2 of the ickies in 2 weeks), so this weekend we took it easy.  It was so HOT Friday that we got in the pool for a little while. Yes, I remembered to not have freezing cold water in the pool! ;)
 *Notice the cute little pony tail*

We also found a lizard that looked like a miniature alligator.  It was so creepy looking, I decided that he deserved a pic on here as well.

Later in the weekend, we decided to do some girly bonding.  Yes, we painted our toenails!  It was so fun!  As if I couldn't love her any more...  a rush flows even harder through my heart when she giggled at the matching toe nail polish.  She is such an amazing girl to hang with!  She loves to shop with me, craft with me, exercise with me, and now paint toe nails together! YES!  Here is a pic of our matching toes :)

It is just so awful to see your little one not feeling well and you can do nothing to make it go away!  So we made her as comfortable as possible :)

Have a great start to your week~


Toni said...

Cute toes!! :) Hope she's feeling better!

The Tiny Team said...
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The Tiny Team said...

You're so cute, tofu taste good, I promise! We DO buy organic-non-GMO. The brand I like is small planet, and they even have flavored tofu! We get it at a natural food store called Henry's! If you try it, let me know!! Bye for now, bloggy friend! Xoxo

Megan said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway!

Cute pics! Love the ponytail and the matching toes :)

Jami said...

Love the matching toes!