Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Picking a Double Stroller

It's getting that time where we need to think of what kind of stroller to get.  There are SO MANY to choose from, but so few that fit our carseat we already have!  We have a combi carseat and single stroller right now, but I'm not so sure we want a side-by-side (which is what Combi offers).

The Combi single and double stroller fold up extremely small.  The double only weighs 22 lbs!  The other stroller I have been looking into is the Kolcraft Tandem Double.  Instead of it sitting side by side it sits forward and the seats can turn to face each other!  It's really pretty cool!  This one weighs 40 lbs though!  I know you get cup holders, a larger basket, a few more features (like moving the seats around), but I am just not sure if these things are as important as being able to lift the stroller into the car! haha :)

My other concern was Lyric bothering her baby brother being in a side by side.  She is very curious and I have no idea what could come of this?!?

I would love some feedback on styles of double strollers you have purchased or used!  It sure is a large purchase to not enjoy long-term!

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