Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day weekend!

Everyone's topic this weekend is Mother's Day!  It is mine, at least!

 I feel like such a blessed mommy!  A year and a half ago I gave birth to a 2 lb 2 oz baby girl after what seemed like an eternity of endless pokes, prods, prayers, and sever preeclampsia.  What a scary time! I feel so blessed when I look back at how little my baby girl was!

It is so amazing that something this small can make a mommy feel so complete!  I just can't wait to see how much more my heart will grow when little man arrives!  I never imagined how much fun I would have with a baby!!!  I LOVE IT! :)

So, Happy Mother's day to all!  Have an awesome day tomorrow!  Take time for yourself and take a pic to capture that moment....  it might not happen again till next mother's day! lol

1 comment:

Toni said...

Happy Mother's Day, Jessica!

You're so blessed! Not only is she a miracle baby but she's a Darn Cute one! :)

I hope you get to enjoy your day!