Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Living a Natural Lifestyle -ideas for topics!

So, after several questions on how I  live a more "natural" lifestyle, I have decided to start a series of posts on the subjects!  I, by no means, have all the answers, but I will let you in on what we have changed in our home and why!  I know this is a very broad subject so I assume it will take several posts.  I believe one post on the subject a week will work quite nicely!  I am open for suggestions on topics you may have questions on or would like more info about! I will do my best in informing you!  If you have a blog on one of my subjects, be sure and put the link in a comment! I would love for your input.  Here are some of the topics I would like to cover

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Baby products
  • In your bathroom
  • The foods you eat
  • How you cook your food/what you cook with
  • Ingredients to stay away from
  • Vitamins vs. OTC drugs
Leave me some comments to let me know if there is anything else I could add to my list!  Thanks!

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