Thursday, July 14, 2011

Saving money is style! Part 1

So I know most of my posts have something to do with health, but this week I am going a different route with saving money!

My first project was nursing pads.  If you are or have been a nursing mother you know how much you go through these.  You spend roughly $10 for 60 of them (give or take a few), which equals out to about 17 cents a piece.  And depending on your body, who knows how long that one box will last you!  So I decided to get out my material and sew away!  Here is what I came up with!
I made 5 sets of nursing pads in maybe, half an hour?  It was so easy!!! Now I can use them, throw them in the wash (which using homemade detergent it gets WAY cheaper than buying them), and use them again!  

Here is how I did it
step 1: I used a CD for a template and traced several circles (depending on how many you want to make and how thick you want them.  I used a receiving blanket (3 circles for each pad) and fleece (one circle each)

step 2:  Sew the amount of circles that fits your needs together. I made a few with 3 blanket material with fleece on the other side and a few with just the blanket material.   I used a zigzag stitch around the edges and followed with a straight stitch on the inside of the zigzag.  Trim off extra strings and you are finished!!!  

Here is the different styles I made~

I really couldn't believe how easy they were! You can make them as cute as you want too! I used scrap material I had in my basket and am extremely happy!  Knowing I can make more depending on how thick I need them as well makes me so happy! 

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