Friday, July 15, 2011

Saving Money in Style part 2

Look at these awesome little creations!!! PeePee Teepee's

When we found out we were having a boy, I knew these were the things I had to make!!!  
From what I hear, little boys like the fresh air when changing their little diapers... so much so they like to spray everywhere!  So, some genius out there created these awesome things :)

Now, I will show you how easy they are to make!

Step 1: Find a round object that is between 6-7 inches in diameter to make a paper template cut out.

Step 2: Fold template in half.  Cut one piece of a soft material (i used the material from an old diaper changer cover) and one piece of cute cotton material.
Step 3:  Turn the 2 pieces you just cut towards each other and sew along the curved edges.
Step 4:  Turn right side out- pin and sew close to the edge (still over the curve)
Step 5:  Fold in half so that the soft material is on the outside.  Sew along the unsewn edge.  Then zigzag the edge so it won't fray.
Step 6:  Last turn right side out and enjoy!
Super easy right?!?  I couldn't believe it! I used some material I had on hand (since most of my material is very girly!) so maybe I will make some more with a little more "bright" material.  

For those of you who were wondering, I am now almost 32 weeks preggo with Little man!  I have made it 4 more weeks than when I had little-bit! YAY!  The ultrasound tech believes he is almost 5 pounds and doing great! Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Saving money is style! Part 1

So I know most of my posts have something to do with health, but this week I am going a different route with saving money!

My first project was nursing pads.  If you are or have been a nursing mother you know how much you go through these.  You spend roughly $10 for 60 of them (give or take a few), which equals out to about 17 cents a piece.  And depending on your body, who knows how long that one box will last you!  So I decided to get out my material and sew away!  Here is what I came up with!
I made 5 sets of nursing pads in maybe, half an hour?  It was so easy!!! Now I can use them, throw them in the wash (which using homemade detergent it gets WAY cheaper than buying them), and use them again!  

Here is how I did it
step 1: I used a CD for a template and traced several circles (depending on how many you want to make and how thick you want them.  I used a receiving blanket (3 circles for each pad) and fleece (one circle each)

step 2:  Sew the amount of circles that fits your needs together. I made a few with 3 blanket material with fleece on the other side and a few with just the blanket material.   I used a zigzag stitch around the edges and followed with a straight stitch on the inside of the zigzag.  Trim off extra strings and you are finished!!!  

Here is the different styles I made~

I really couldn't believe how easy they were! You can make them as cute as you want too! I used scrap material I had in my basket and am extremely happy!  Knowing I can make more depending on how thick I need them as well makes me so happy! 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Homemade deodorant!!!

As we are finding out more and more each day, the ingredients in our everyday products we can't read- let alone know what they really are!  One of my concerning products is deodorant.  There are several things that concern me in these products, like the scent (which is NOT natural- so you are putting artificial ingredients straight into your body), dyes, triclosan (which has been know to cause cancer and other problems), and MOST importantly.....  aluminum.  I have no idea why someone out there decided this ingredient should be in a product that you rub into a direct link into your lymph nodes dispersing it through your body?!?  Aluminum has been known to cause Alzheimer's disease!!! It gets deposited into the brain, which is where we find the same results in these patients.  There have also been concerns of the aluminum giving breast cancer.  How concerned are you now???

There are several options for natural deodorants out there now, but when I found this homemade alternative - I had to try!!!

Here is the recipe!

you need a cute little jar :)

6 Tbsp of Coconut oil
1/4 Cup of Baking Soda
1/4 Cup of Cornstarch ( I found a great natural one at Bloom clearanced last night!)
Few drops of tea tree oil  (hubby wanted this so he wouldn't smell like coconuts) 

Here are some pics of the ingredients I used!


 Baking soda

 Tea Tree oil

coconut oil

So have a happy 4th of July!!! And use your new deodorant as you sweat through the weekend! Enjoy!